Feeling Golden

I started my month of working on the west coast in San Jose California and Silicon Valley.  I had been to San Francisco once or twice in my life but I had never seen much of it.  I knew of a spot in the hills that overlooked the Golden Gate bridge, Alcatraz and the downtown […]

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F Cancer Charity event
FC Martin

I was fortunate enough to be in town in NYC and again in LA the past two months for the big F Cancer events this year.  I have been involved in the media end of the charity since about 2012 when they did their first event in Toronto to raise money for cancer research and […]

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Billboard shoot
Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 12.37.24 PM

Photographing for billboards is always exciting. Just like magazine publishing’s and album artwork It is type of shoot where you get to see your images in print! This month I met up with the Canadian surf / SUP manufacturers Ausmosis to do a new ad for their local Ontario shop. Take a look at the […]

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