The Artist

HAINING: The Artist

With photography awards in multiple countries and work published globally, Steve has spent the last decade excelling in his industry.  Like everyone else trying to make it on their own he started out with a simple passion for photography. At the time he didn’t know “commercial photographer” was even a job title and he spent his free time traveling in bands photographing along the way.

Working on weekends as a photographer taking what he could get he spent his week days as a graphics designer and a hydro-geographer for the federal government mapping the waterways for shipping vessels in Canada.  Over the years he found himself taking days off from the government job to do shoots on weekdays  and making up the hours on the other days. It got to the point where he had to chose between the two and going with his heart he chased photography.

His client list and reputation began to grow slowly over time. People were showing his work around and starting to make a name. At this time he was also doing “on call” photo assistant work for West Side Studio in Toronto.  Shortly after that a Canadian agency “Banko Media” picked up Steve as a director of still photography and motion. this was his first time in the established world of photography. He was heavily involved in advertising and portrait photography with Banko and also took on rolls as a cinematographer, director and designer doing motion ads for things such as Toyota commercials and Mohawk College marketing.  While working for Banko he continued to do his own photography work on the side which continued to grow slowly as he started working with record labels and started to shoot for the odd noteworthy brands.

By 2014 Haining had went off on his own full time. He was traveling all over the world for his own photography and video clients. With all the skill sets he gained on top of his photography he decided to re-brand as “CreateOf” in order to showcase his video, art direction, and other work on top of his photography portfolio. It was a smart move because not only did he win multiple awards for it but it has allowed him to continue his career creating on all levels.

Now in 2019 Haining continues to work for companies internationally. He came back to his home town this year and converted an airplane hangar into a huge fully equipped production space! He also helped co-found the first creative share space for upcoming photographers and videographers in Hamilton. An idea that has since taken off with many Co-working spaces now catering to artists!

His relationships with the clients from when he first started are still there over 10 years later! You can still find him working with them and he continues to build new friendships and relationships with new clients all over the world.

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