About Steve Haining

Steve Haining is an internationally award winning Photographer and Film Director. Born and raised in Hamilton Ontario, Steve took to 35mm film photography at a young age. He spent his teens touring the country as a band photographer while shooting for a local ad agency whenever he found himself at home. His work was being published around the world, North American record labels began contacting him directly and he quickly became a “go to” photographer for Much Music. In a competitive industry Haining kept finding himself one of the only independent photographers along side dozens of agent represented shooters working for the big clients, and he was always getting the work!

By 2014 Steve was travelling the world shooting portraits for top music artists, athletes and actors, He was also creating content for some of the biggest brands in Canada. His work was being published in The USA, Canada, Asia Europe & the UK, he was on over 100 flights per year and continued to grow. When the boom of DSLR video made film making more accessible Haining began taking on DOP and directing jobs for TV commercials, short films and web ads and unexpectedly fell in love with a whole new side of content creation. By 2019 Haining began Directing and DOP-ing feature films, TV shows and everything in between, taking the attention to detail, creative visions, and story telling qualities he had mastered his entire life as a photographer and adapting them into motion. This set him apart as a film maker immediately.

The untold side of Steve Haining is that he has always spent any free time he has giving back. For well over a decade he has filled any free time he has teaching photography and film making as a form of self expression and a way to support mental health. His areas of focus are always the people society seems to forget about, maximum security youth prisons, remote First Nations & Inuit communities, Urban schools across Canada. In 2020 He was approached by some First Nations communities he taught in to produce and direct a documentary series telling their ongoing history and issues with the youth he had been teaching. Initially this film set was to be shown within Treaty 4 & 6 communities in Canada as an education piece but the documentaries were so successful that not only are they streaming around the world on services like AMAZON Prime, but they are also being actively used ini several universities as an educational tool for indigenous studies!

The success of that series allowed Haining to receive two Las Vegas Movie Awards (Best Documentary Feature / Best Social Awareness Film) and it picked a half dozen more awards from major festivals around the world! In that time he has also worked on a drama series pilot for major broadcast and this year is working on two new TV series in Canada as well as a documentary in the USA.

Today Haining works as a Director, Producer and Cinematographer in the film industry for everything from TV shows, feature films and commercials, all while still travelling the world as a commercial, editorial and portrait photographer. He is the owner of CreateOf. inc, a Canada based production company and he still somehow manages to find time to volunteer and give back!