Non Profit

HAINING: Non Profit Work

Since the beginning of his career Steve has made a strong point to help and support charities and non profit organizations as often as possible.  His passion for creativity and adventure as well as his knowledge of the importance of both while growing up is what he bases the majority of his non profit work around. Below is a breakdown of what charities he works with and why.


Haining not only facilitates multi week arts based workshops with with YMCA youth in support of mental health but he has also deigned and facilitated the first self expression through the arts social work program for Syrian & Somalian refugees and newcomer youth.  A program which helps transcend the language barrier and give new immigrants to Canada the tools they need to help build lasting relationships, tell their story and use several art forms as positive outlets to help deal with trauma.

Blueprint For Life:

Founded by Stephen “Buddha” Leafloor decades ago Blueprint is a non profit that has gone to over 100 remote arctic community to do social work with youth at risk.  A team if professionals in their fields, the Blueprints success is in their long intensive programming that hooks the youth through the arts, dance & music, then inspires them to believe in themselves, strive to achieve their dreams and follow a safe path.  They also work in the Canadian youth prison systems to help inspire change to help troubled youth learn and strive succeed once they are released.  Haining started with blueprint simply documenting the projects for case studies to help get funding for the project.  However after seeing the change first hand he was hooked and is now part of the blueprint team teaching through photography and telling his stories of troubles and success along side the rest of the team.  His new project with the team is going to have the youth interested in photography create their own art show to be showcased to the public in Canadian galleries.

Mikw Chiyam

Mikw Chiyam sends artists out to remote Cree communities to essentially take over the arts program in their schools for a semester. During these artist residencies, Steve uses non linear education and the fun side of his professional photography to inspire the youth teach them art and relate it to practical education and positive way for the youth to express themselves.

Dream Catcher Foundation:

The Dream Catcher Foundation does a lot of work for first nations people in Canada. The organization was created and designed to help first nations people when the government wasn’t doing enough.  The work Steve does for them is for a rogue division of the foundation which builds parks and brings sporting equipment to youth of first nations fly in communities. Places where you can only access them by small plane or helicopter the majority of the year. Hainings extensive knowledge of the first nations troubles along with his passion to help youth get a healthy active childhood is a big reason why he helps this charity annually.

North American Surfing Doctors:

Steve sits on the board of directors for the surfing doctors, a division of the charity “Wounded Warriors.” The goal of the surfing doctors is treatment of PTSD in youth and military people along with autistic people by way of board sport.  The method is proven by giving patients a fun and active task in open water because subconsciously when you’re learning to surf it takes a lot of physical and mental ability and open water instinctively makes you think to not drown which allows relief of PTSD during and for hours after the sessions.  It is a fun way to help people and give them a new hobby.  Haining’s passion for surfing and water sports is a big reason he joined this team to help others.

Amigo Skate:

Amigo is a charity created in Florida that has partners in Ontario Canada. they Originally started out as renegades sneaking skateboards and footwear over the Cuban boarder and giving them to the youth to allow them to play with things they otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford or obtain.  Essentially the robin hood of Cuba  Since its birth Amigo has worked out the legalities with the Cuban government and is now allowed to bring goods over the boarder and was actually given land to build a skatepark for the kids as well! Fast forward to today and Amigo Skate now brings a larger variety of sports equipment clothing and footwear to not only the Cubans but also children of Haiti and Dominican.  Steve Originally came on board to document the robin hood like behavior of the small but smart team helping from Canada back in 2013 and the positive impact he saw in the kids lives from that trip had him stay on board to continue with the projects.

Rhythm Works:

Founded by former STOMP lead & owner of the Toronto drum group “6ix Stix” Rhythm works does drum and percussion based workshops and social workshops in both High Schools and Youth Prisons.  Steve helps with these programs on the social work side facilitating discussions and running the programming with the youth and also as a helper on the music side teaching the youth to drum and learn music.

N’we Jinan:

Another arts based residency Hainings involvement with N’we Jinan is a 5 week in school & after school program in Cree communities focused on using different medians of art to learn skills for real life. Haining has taught photography, video & even music based skills to youth in these programs.


F-Cancer is a charity started by the Greenbaum family in Quebec after the loss of their mother from cancer.  The plan was to help bring a positive and knowledgeable way for youth affected by cancer to support and learn in a fun atmosphere.  The first Toronto event one of the record labels Steve shot for asked him to come walk the red carpet support and take a couple pictures. At this event Steve immediately loved the idea and support for the cause and at the end of the event he told the Greenbaum family if they needed him to help to just ask and he would be there every time.  He was true to his word as since the start of that charity Haining has cone across both Canada and the United States multiple times helping the F-Cancer team with their events and support!

Meet Me In Africa:

At a time when Steve was looking to travel in Africa he was also looking to see if there was any charities in the area he could help out while he was there. He was upset because when he did his homework most of the charities pocketed most of the funds and in every situation much less than half actually went to helping the people directly.  In a meeting he talked to his friend Chrissy about the trip and she had been to Tanzania and said the same thing but said there were also unsupported orphanages out there that have no charity or organization support.  This was the birth of Meet Me In Africa.  Chrissy found an unsupported orphanage and contacted them to see what their needs and wants were with a small group of friends they began a fundraiser.  Chrissy working as a publicist Steve as a photographer and a bunch of friends in the music industry and event management industry it was really simple to create a fundraising event.  The event raised $20,000 to build a proper kitchen and wall around the orphanage to protect them.  As well as some educational pieces, computers etc. It was great to see 100% of the funds go right to the cause and while this was just a small dent in the big picture it inspired Steve and everyone involved to try and continue to help on their own.