The Adventurer

HAINING: The Adventurer.

Steve grew up heavily active in sports as a competitive swimmer he began to travel often for competitions. When it was winter he snowboarded and when it was summer he spent almost every weekend at his grandparents cottage.  Its no surprise that a youth like that set the building blocks for the world traveler he has became today.

Forever an advocate of the road less travelled or the one the pumps the most adrenaline through his body its not uncommon to see photos of Haining hanging out of helicopters, surfing remote reefs in Hawaii, at the tops of a glacier in the arctic or even standing at the edge of a volcano. Wherever he ends up for work or for pleasure he always seems to find the most exciting way to spend his time!  He is an active Surfer and one of the few Great Lake Surfers in Ontario Canada.  He is on the Ausmosis surf team and he also has a sponsorship from LALA Surfboards in California.

He openly talks about leaving a healthy and active lifestyle and is always working to inspire youth to include activity and nutrition into their every day life.  This is what helped pave the way to some of the ongoing volunteer work he does.  Steve has flown in small planes all over Northern Canada facilitating art based social work programs for youth in remote Inuit & First Nations communities. He has also worked for years on a project bringing footwear and sporting equipment to the rural communities in Cuba As well as building projects in Africa. These are just some of the many examples of Haining never ending adventure project.

Between his work, volunteer and personal life Steve has travelled nearly all of North America, Europe, The UK, The Caribbean, the Arctic and even parts of Africa.