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Haining started his career in his teens as a freelance photographer working on his own, as well as with ad agencies like Banko Media & West Side Studios. His passions as a musician brought him on tours across North America allowing him to grow his photography skills working for record labels and bands he met on the road. Over the years his work began to build a reputation within the music industry allowing him to build lasting relationships and clients with companies like Universal Music, Warner, Underground Operations, Much Music & MTV. This was his first step into the industry of photography & visual art. For over a decade his skills continued to develop and along with his name in the industry. By 2015 Steve was flying all over the world working with some of the leading brands, companies & public figures in all kinds of art medians. It was around this time that he launched his own company "CreateOf." His work continued to take across the globe which lead to opportunities to explore, and then opportunities to share his skills, which lead him to a new passion. This passion was helping people use different art forms to express themselves. He began speaking in schools and at conference centres across North America, running multi week art based work shops with the YMCA, and outreach programs in remote communities & youth prisons. He began teaching photography to refugees with PTSD so they could express their feelings without a language barrier and this side of his life began to grow. Fast forward to today Haining continues to be an industry leader as a photographer, DOP and Art director working with tons of huge brands, while simultaneously giving back, teaching & inspiring youth and giving people a voice and a way to get their feelings out.

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To hire Steve for creative work in photography, video, graphics design or web design take a look at his portfolios on http://createof.ca If you are interested in having him for public speaking engagements or imaging lessons please use the contact form on this website.

To hire Steve for photography or to see his portfolio please go to http://createof.ca
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To hire Steve for speaking engagements, interactive workshops or lessons Use the contact form below.
To hire Steve for video, graphic design or web design go to http://createof.ca
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