Over the past decade Steve Haining has gained quite a substantial recognition in the commercial photography and advertising market around the world. With published work globally Haining often works with A list celebrities, big brands, along with media and ad companies to create top end visual material that far surpasses the typical creative branding we see today. He has traveled most of the world and has had careers with a couple major media suppliers as a Director of Motion and Still Photography. During his travels Haining photographs as an artist with ongoing personal projects. In his free time you can almost always find Steve doing non profit and charity work to help promote active lives and well being for youth. He works in depth with the remote aboriginal communities through programs like Blueprint For Life & Dreamcatcher Foundation, he has taught healing through art through his local YMCA for youth at risk and the Syrian refugee youth, and has traveled to third world countries on outreach. In addition Haining sits on the board of directors for the North American Surf Doctors and also talks publicly to groups and students about his experiences.

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To hire Steve for creative work in photography, video, graphics design or web design take a look at his portfolios on http://createof.ca If you are interested in having him for public speaking engagements or imaging lessons please use the contact form on this website.

To hire Steve for photography or to see his portfolio please go to http://createof.ca
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To hire Steve for speaking engagements, interactive workshops or lessons Use the contact form below.
To hire Steve for video, graphic design or web design go to http://createof.ca
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