About Steve






Since 2008 Steve Haining’s award winning talent has been commissioned by top agencies, magazines and companies across the globe! Whether its creative direction & still photography, or working on cinema projects for months at a time, Haining’s creativity perfectly blends stunning ideas with clients vision to achieve their goals. His work speaks for itself being published on nearly every continent. A true jet setter he often fly’s over 100 times in any given year its clear that Steve has taken his lifelong passion and applied it to every aspect of his life!

Photographer of the stars, Steve has worked closely with “A list” celebrities including, David Hasselhoff, Sarah Hyland, Lou Ferrigno, Gigi Hadid, & Kevin O’Leary as well as performing artists Such as Lady Gaga, The Backstreet Boys, Post Malone, Imagine Dragons, Justin Bieber & countless more. He spent years working in the music industry and on music video sets with record labels like Universal Music, Sony, Vagrant Records, As well as over a decade of projects for Much Music & MTV! He has also worked commercially for large brands in North America and his work has graced the covers of dozens of magazines.

His creativity doesn’t stop there, Haining is a true artist who has been working for years in depth on personal photography projects documenting culture & contrast across Canada’s Arctic and remote communities. This self motivated project opened a lot of doors for outreach work which sparked another noteworthy part of his “Artist Life,” giving back. Haining has been running self expression and healing through arts, mental health programs along side different charity and non-profit organizations. Steve often teaches long term art based social workshops in remote indigenous communities, sometimes for months at a time with companies such as “Mikw Chiyam, N’we Jinan, & Blueprint Pathways.” He has also done substantial art based outreach in the Caribbean, & Africa. In Ontario His arts based mental health programming partnered with the YMCA has allowed him to work in depth with the Syrian and Somalian Refugee teenagers to help them use art to find a voice and express themselves and push past trauma and language barriers in a positive way.

A public figure in his own way Steve Haining has also been asked to talk to highschool’s Colleges and even Expos & conferences across Canada & the United States about his journey as an artist and his ability to run a successful media company while giving back constantly. Though he is humble and stays behind the lens it is still common to catch him on the red carpet or being interviewed on television or radio. With a stacked portfolio and the awards to support it Steve is definitely a Canadian to keep on your radar!